What a TOK presentation looks like?

Check out this video to get an idea of TOK presentation.

This is what the examiners said about it.
  • The “talk show” format works well
  • It is engaging and allows the presentation of opposing points of view
  • The topic is relevant to the student
  • The argument–counter-argument pairing shows some critical thinking
  • Ways of knowing and areas of knowledge, for example, language, perception, history and ethics, are mentioned
  • It is difficult for the knowledge issues to be addressed explicitly, since this might mean stepping out of the role-play
  • There is no evaluation of relative strengths of the arguments on either side.
  • There is no consideration of any implications in related areas
  • Freedom of choice of the individual is given priority without any justification
  • Ethical judgments are not linked to underlying principleor
  • Some ideas are not developed
Comments by criterion
A: Identification of knowledge issue
  • A number of knowledge issues touched upon but not highlighted. How do we know the connection between a stimulus (in this case playing video games) and behaviour? How do we know where to draw the line between individual freedoms and the interests of the community? (3–4 points)
B: Treatment of knowledge issues
  • There is no real treatment of these issues once they have been identified.
  • There is no evaluation of claims and counter-claims (1–2 points)
C: Knower’s perspective
  • The topic is motivated at the beginning and there is a clear personal involvement in the method of presenting the arguments and the examples chosen.
  • The links with the local situation (for example, the school) demonstrate the significance of the knowledge issues discussed. (3–4 points)
D: Connections
  • There are tenuous links to history and ethics.
  • There is an interesting link to language and its role in ethics that is not fully explored.
  • There is a good connection to reason and the direction of causality, acknowledging that “all killers played video games” is not the same as “all video gamers killed”. (3–4 points)
Total 10–14 points
Hints for future presentations
  • There must be more treatment of knowledge issues
  • The presenters should take the time to fully develop the claims and arguments
  • Some thought could also be given to focusing on a more limited number of knowledge issues, treated in more depth.
  • There should be a clear evaluation of the arguments presented.
  • The students need not come to a definitive conclusion but there should be a sense that the presentation has helped the investigation to progress.
  • Encourage more audience participation